Unwanted Advice

While we’re growing up, it’s very common for us to get advice from various people and other sources. While we appreciate the concern of all of these people, more often than not this advice just gets annoying to listen to.

This advice that we receive can be classified into the following categories:


  • Educational

The starting point of all the stupid advice that we keep hearing from literally everyone elder to us. During the age of adolescence, we are going through our final years at school and have our 10th and 12th standard board exams to sit for. This leads to us getting a heck of a lot of suggestions and comments about how we should go about these. It’s acceptable, but if people are so interested in our lives, then why can’t we just receive some worthy information and advice from them? Tell us about how to relax, how to enjoy our studies, how to balance our time, or just how we could be more confident about our academics. I mean how tough could that be?


  • Relationships

One of the stupidest things ever. We always hear parents and elders telling us phrases like

“Now isn’t the right time,”

“Focus on your studies now. The girl/boy will come later.”

“Don’t cross your limits. You’re too young for all of this. After you grow up, you will have the right mind to be able to be smart enough for all this.”

It’s a common sight to see that though they all seem really chill when we talk to them about our friends having their own respective boyfriends/girlfriends, somehow when the discussion of us being in a relationship starts, these random comments spring up.

Parents, elders, the people who know better than us about life, please tell me one thing. Didn’t y’all ever have a crush on anyone during your school and college days? If the answer is a no, then sorry to say, but I don’t believe you! It’s just human adolescent nature! Blame it on Biology, not on us!



  • Sports and Extra-curriculars

As kids we learnt that “All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.”

However, when we start to play sports or get involved in a host of other activities, we are told to focus on the necessary and leave out the unnecessary. So if this is what they wanted us to do in the first place, then why tell us that it’s good to do something apart from studies too?

For example, if I want to play Cricket and I have the potential to go ahead with it in life, then why should I be stopped from doing so? Where does it say that I have to have a great educational background in order to do something with my life?


The common thread is the fact that all the advice that we’re given somehow relates back to our studies and how that should be our first priority. Why is trying to make us into Einstein such an important task? Isn’t life short-lived? Isn’t happiness more important?

Do what you want to do, what you feel you should do. Become what you want to be, what you feel you should be.


Best wishes always,



India in the 2016 ICC World Twenty20

The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 begins in the next few days. This tournament is going to be the centre of attraction of the Cricketing world for the next few weeks. We should take a look at some of the stars of the Indian team whose performances would be of prime importance for the team.


  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Captain Cool. Man with the Midas touch. A real T20 specialist. Wanted in any T20 team in the world. Undoubtedly the most important factor in the Indian team, right from the inception of the T20 World Cup in 2007. This man is the vital cog in the line-up. He captains the side, keeps wickets for the team, takes the important decisions, rotates his bowlers in his own unconventional way, and almost always guarantees positive results.

He led a really inexperienced young team in the inaugural edition and won the Cup. He then became the most sought after player in the IPL. Since then, he has only grown in stature and has become a role model leader of the game and the fact that he is now the only Captain to have led his team in all the six editions of the World Cup is a testimony to that. We all wait with baited breath and hope that he can carry the team through the tournament and end it with the glittering trophy in his hand!


  • Yuvraj Singh

Okay, where do I begin? This man is the only one to have scored six sixes in an over in a T20 World Cup. He has the record of scoring the fastest fifty, which he did so in a ridiculously awesome span of just 12 deliveries. He has done so much to establish his name in this format of the game and is a brilliant fielder and a more than handy bowler too, so he is quite the complete package. I’m sure that every Captain would want a player like him in his team. He has been given a chance for a comeback to the team and has done really well in the lead up to this tournament and it seems like he’s back in the groove. THE man. Legend. Forever. Look out for his performances in this tournament!


  • Rohit Sharma

Effortless. Grace. Exquisite. Talented. These are just a few words that are used to describe this player. He has become the most consistent batsman in the Indian team in the past year. This man played a memorable and vital innings of 50 runs from 40 deliveries in the Super 8s stage against South Africa in the 2007 inaugural edition. This match-winning knock of his enabled India to reach the Semi-Finals, that too by just scraping through by virtue of having a better net run rate as compared to the other teams. Then in the historic final against Pakistan, he came out to bat in the final few overs and his innings of 30 runs of just 16 deliveries was actually the reason why India had enough runs on the board and Pakistan choked in the final over while trying to chase India’s total of 157. Has been on fire and it will be great if he continues to give India the starts that he has been able to!


  • Virat Kohli

The man of the moment. He has been in a purple vein of form. He has literally won the games for the team in the recent past. If the team is compared to a ship, then this player is the steering wheel of the ship. Nothing that can be said will be enough praise for him. He literally kills it with his performances in games. He gets under the skin of the opposition and puts forth his arrogant nature into his batting and it works like magic. The team would be expecting a grand performance from him every match and it will be a treat to watch his knocks in the tournament.

Australia v India - Game 1

  • Hardik Pandya

This name might come as a surprise for many. However, I feel that he has to be included in the Top-5 players to watch out for in the Indian team. He has been simply breathtaking since his inclusion into the team. Comes in towards the end and tonks the bowlers all over the park, bowls his full quota of 4 overs in a very economical manner and picks up a wicket or two too. Great asset to the team. Oozes with confidence. Lifts the spirit of the team with his swag like manner of playing. Amazing inclusion into the team. Can’t wait to see him in action in his first World Cup tournament!